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i really want chel's mix cds right now...

jenn texts me last night telling me that she can't come out cause she's still at dinner (and being a grandma, 9:00 is bedtime, for serious.) so i call her and leave a message telling her to call me in the am so we can say goodbye. then she calls me at 8 and 9 am, both of which i sleep through. when she calls me again at 9:30, i can hear her outside my house. so i answer the door and she says, "its one of my surprise wake up calls! i only wish i had brought pancakes." that is how wonderful jenn santorello is. just in case you were wondering.

i'm pretty much packed? i hope so at least. i feel as if im having anxiety because i want to just get there, get settled, get into school, and get to know my way around. addkgjhaefhgta9uihknfjgersodfiugh. anxiety. okay, back to packing. see everyone in a month. when im 21. no big deal.
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