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i suppose they thought the lights would make it brilliant.

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...i was feeling part of the scenery [07/20_733PM]
[ mood | dorky ]

california and bocci ballCollapse )

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the right place and time [07/6_1222AM]
[ mood | refreshed ]

even though im going alone im excited about california. dad says i'll get to "discover all the little parts" all by myself. he's right. and kim said the same thing. so i know they're right. im going to plan it all out tomorrow. music, museums (they even have an airplane museum), movies... all things m apparently (insert 22 screaming 'clearly' in response.) i'll plan so well that jenn will call and tell me how proud she is. speaking of, i had a fantastic fourth weekend. id post pictures but i know they'll be huge. i've got to work on sizing them down. i'll give you the wordy version: it was filled with sparklers, dunkin donuts, and good music. that about sums it up.

you should go see war of the worlds. it scared me so much i couldn't eat the jelly rings i snuck into the theater. if thats not scared i don't know what is.

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...and then i got caught in the rain. just like j.c always does. [06/27_512PM]
[ mood | crazy ]

reading anything i can get my hands on. any suggestions?

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the things they [i] carried [06/19_731AM]
[ mood | excited ]

...but spring was too rare to let anything interfere with their colorful ramblings..."

italy and an amazing novel always seem to be paramount this time of year. i have found that that list has already grown to new jersey, the getup kids, northport, airplanes, road trips, hand made journals, the matrix...

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i really want chel's mix cds right now... [05/18_955AM]
[ mood | awake ]

jenn texts me last night telling me that she can't come out cause she's still at dinner (and being a grandma, 9:00 is bedtime, for serious.) so i call her and leave a message telling her to call me in the am so we can say goodbye. then she calls me at 8 and 9 am, both of which i sleep through. when she calls me again at 9:30, i can hear her outside my house. so i answer the door and she says, "its one of my surprise wake up calls! i only wish i had brought pancakes." that is how wonderful jenn santorello is. just in case you were wondering.

i'm pretty much packed? i hope so at least. i feel as if im having anxiety because i want to just get there, get settled, get into school, and get to know my way around. addkgjhaefhgta9uihknfjgersodfiugh. anxiety. okay, back to packing. see everyone in a month. when im 21. no big deal.

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